Homeowner Info

Amenity Center address:  400 Sea Island Way, North Myrtle Beach, SC  29582

The Amenity Center is beautifully decorated with various types of furniture. The kitchen contains a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, dishwasher, and double sink.  Located in the storage closet are additional folding chairs.  There is pool furniture in the pool area.

There are video surveillance cameras for the pool, pool gates, and entire pool area.  Please report any uninvited guests or issues to the Board of Directors.

Amenity Center Rules for Private Functions – (also lists some amenities)

Amenity Center Reservation Form

Please note:  the pool cannot be closed during Amenity Center rental.
A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required to reserve the Amenity Center, along with a $200 refundable security deposit.  These deposits must be mailed along with the Reservation Form to the following address:

CAMS, for Seaside Plantation Property Owner’s Association
3081 Deville Street
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 249-1779

Revised 12/09/2023

In order to maintain fairness and consistency, the Seaside Plantation POA Board of Directors has established the following policies for Entrance Gates, Pool, and Amenity Center access:

Gates are opened via devices, a phone call from the gate kiosk, or a permanent code entered at the gate kiosk.

Devices, 4-digit property owner entry call codes, and permanent codes are administered by the Seaside Plantation’s Property Management Company, under the supervision of the Safety, Security, and Technology (SST) Committee.

All devices, 4-digit property owner entry call codes, and permanent codes must be verified on a periodic basis in order to maintain an accurate database listing of authorized parties.  Devices unaccounted for will be deleted from the database immediately.

All entrances are under video surveillance which will be used to enforce these rules and to levy fines as appropriate.

Permission for distribution of devices and codes to owners and non-owners is governed by these rules.

For Owners, the following rules apply:


Each property owner at Seaside Plantation may have up to a maximum of 8 devices to open the entrance gates.

TEM Security Access Cards and RFID Tag devices programmed with the proper facility codes are the only devices authorized for use for community access.

Devices (for a maximum total of 8 devices per property) may be purchased from our Management Company:

  • Access Cards are $5.00 each
  • RFID “windshield” Tags are $15.00 each

Owners will pay for all devices.  There is no refund or exchange of devices.  Broken or malfunctioning devices will be replaced at the owner’s expense.

All devices will work at both Entrance Gates.  Access Cards will also provide entry to the Community Pool.  Amenity Center access permissions are granted by the Board of Directors to those residents who conduct Seaside social or Lifestyle events, as well as to those who participate in other Seaside business.  Residents who reserve the Amenity Center for private events will be given temporary access via their card as part of the Amenity Center reservation process through the Management Company.

Owners are responsible for any devices they temporarily allow family or friends to use, as well as for their actions while they are in possession of the devices.  Note:  No owner access cards are allowed to be lent to Contractors or Service Providers.  Please contact the Management Company for a temporary access card that will be issued directly to the Contractor or Service Provider.

An audit of all owner devices will be conducted on a periodic basis, not to exceed (2) year intervals.

Owners are asked to immediately report lost or stolen devices to the Management Company for deactivation.


Owners may have their phone numbers assigned to both Entrance Gates for visitors to call to gain access by using their assigned 4-digit entry call code.

The phone numbers may be cell phones or landlines.  The phone number must be any 10-digit domestic phone number.  There may be up to (2) telephone numbers associated with the 4-digit entry call code that is assigned to each property.  International dialing is not available.

Access Codes

No permanent access codes will be provided to owners.

Owners may request a temporary access code from the Management Company for a one-day use for special events, such as a party.  The SST Director is to be notified of all such requests by the Management Company.

For Non-Owners, the following rules apply:


Non-owners may only have Access Cards.  RFID “windshield” Tags will NOT be provided for non-owners.

Contractors requiring frequent access for a temporary period of time (for example:  home builders) may receive up to 10 Access Cards from the Management Company, as requested by the ARB for a major project.  The cards will work at the West Gate only, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday thru Saturday.  Cards must be returned at the completion of the project; for each Access Card not returned, a $25.00 fee will be deducted from the construction deposit.

Contractors providing repetitive services to the Community or to Homeowners (i.e., landscaping, pest control, house cleaning) may register at no charge at the Management Company to receive Access Cards at a cost of $5.00 each; these cards will operate at the West Gate only, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday thru Saturday.  In rare cases, contractors may have permission to access through both gates, including the pool and the Amenity Center.

Contractors requiring less frequent use may request access at the West Gate only, by using the property owner’s 4-digit entry call code, allowing the owner to grant entry.


Contractors will pay for all devices.  There is no refund or exchange of devices.  Broken devices will be replaced at the contractor’s expense.  A maximum of 2 Access Cards will be issued per contractor, with any exceptions to be approved by the SST Committee Director.

Annual registration and verification of devices will be required at no charge during the month of February in order to keep Access Cards active for the coming year.  The Management Company will set devices to expire April 1st and for those companies that have not followed the annual registration process, their Access Cards will be disabled until they visit the Management Company’s office for annual registration and verification of devices to have their access reinstated.  Contractors who have followed the process of annual registration will have their expiration date extended for an additional year.

Contractors are asked to immediately report any lost or stolen devices to the Management Company for deactivation.

The Management Company only requires business licenses and insurance certificates from contractors doing business directly for the Seaside Plantation POA.  All other contractors are only required to provide standard business information, (Company Name, Owner’s Name, phone, e-mail address, and license plate numbers for trucks and trailers), including names of residents with whom they have service agreements.

Contractors providing service to multiple residents will be allowed to self-register.  Contractors providing service to only one resident will be required to have the resident send the Management Company an e-mail to sponsor their contractor before an access device can be issued.

Real Estate Agency Access 

Real Estate Agents will be assigned a 4-digit call code for the duration of the listing in order to access the community and to allow access for showings by other Realtors.  The call code is granted based upon presentation of a current contract listing in Seaside Plantation.  The call code will be deactivated once the listing ends.

For Open Houses, the real estate agent must display his/her cell phone number at the East Gate kiosk only.  When a prospective buyer calls the agent’s cell phone to request gate access, the agent will verbally provide their 4-digit call code.  The prospective buyer will then enter this 4-digit call code at the gate kiosk, which will call the agent’s phone.  When the agent answers that call, the agent will press 9 on their cell phone keypad to open the gate to allow entry to the prospective buyer.

Once a property has been sold, within 30 days after closing, the Management Company will delete all devices and the 4-digit entry call code associated with the Seller.  The Buyer will be required to register with the Management Company to receive (2) RFID Tags and (2) Gate Access Cards at no charge, along with being assigned a new 4-digit entry call code.

Permanent Codes

Some Public Services and Contractors may be provided with a permanent code allowing entrance through both Entrance Gates.  (Examples:  Police and Fire Departments, USPS, UPS, and Utility Companies).  All permanent codes must be approved by the SST Committee Director prior to activation.  All codes will be reviewed for frequency of usage and changed periodically, not to exceed annually.


An annual audit of our database is required to ensure that all individuals granted access into Seaside Plantation are current owners and registered service providers or contractors.

Security Camera Access

Access to community security cameras is limited to current board and security committee members.  When new board members are elected or security committee members change, the camera access password will be changed.  All current members will then be required to enter a new password for access.  Board members and the security committee chair have the right to grant additional temporary access if needed to support a community emergency.

Residents:  We are required to obey all traffic laws. Children are not allowed to operate a golf cart. North Myrtle Beach law requires golf cart operators to have a valid driver’s license. Please go to the following website to access the latest golf cart laws: http://www.nmb.us. Thank you for making Seaside Plantation a safe community.

Please contact Chuck Gornick from RPM for new or replacement mailboxes. For pricing and scheduling, Chuck may be reached at (843) 503-5207.

This Policy Guide Does Not Supersede or Replace Any Existing Seaside Plantation Covenants and Restrictions of Our Bylaws Regarding Parking.

Please see ARTICLE VII USE RESTRICTIONS, Section: 8, 21, and 28 for exact details.


Parking on our streets at all times is limited to an occasional overnight guest with prior notification to our property manager when your driveway is not capable of handling your guest’s vehicle.

Parties and gatherings hosted by a Seaside property owner also justifies street parking and is allowed on an as-needed basis when a property owner is hosting the event, and is typically limited to a maximum of a 12-hour window – NOT overnight.

Occasional service vehicles and support vehicles are eligible to park on the street while servicing your property or home. In NO instance shall these support vehicles park on the sidewalk or block anyone’s mailbox. Parking for service vehicles shall be eligible to be parked on our streets from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday (no Sunday parking except in a rare case of emergency-required services). In no instances is parking allowed on our streets for any other purpose. Occasional trailer and overflow car, SUV, and small pickup truck parking may be available and eligible as needed and as outlined below in our Amenity Center section on a very limited basis.

Please remember not to block sidewalks with your vehicle.  Seaside Plantation is “pedestrian-friendly”.  When you park on the road, please leave all four wheels on the asphalt rather than any tires on the sidewalk.  Let’s maintain a safe walkway.  Thank you!

Amenity Center

Overflow guest cars, SUV’s and small single axle pickup truck parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis at the Amenity Center parking lot for a maximum of seven (7) days over a single month period per property owner. ALL PARKING DONE AT THE AMENITY CENTER IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.  A small, single axle trailer is allowable for up to a maximum of three (3) days per single month per property owner if it will fit within one lined parking space and does not extend beyond the striped indicator lines left to right, and beyond the stripe towards the driveway path. Trailers must have a block of wood under the tongue foot stand to protect our asphalt surface and wheels must be chocked to retard any movement. All vehicles and trailers shall be parked at the farthest spot away from the Amenity Center Clubhouse as is available.

As numerous neighborhood sponsored events require significant amounts of parking space at the Amenity Center parking lot, all occasional parking, as indicated below, must preregister and seek prior approval with the property manager in order to utilize the Amenity Center parking area. Because space is limited, the ability to park at the Amenity Center parking lot is only authorized on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be available at all times.

No vehicles with any commercial lettering or indications may park in the Amenity Center parking lot at any time except for those that are servicing the grounds of the Amenity Center or servicing the pool. We feel this is an equitable policy that is fair to all property owners. Rules regarding street parking are clearly defined in our Covenants and Restrictions and are available for your review on our website.  We offer this alternative opportunity as a helpful solution to an occasional problem that you may incur. Please be proactive in contacting our property manager in advance of utilizing this process.

All parking by residents at the Amenity Center is done at your own risk. Any vehicles or trailers parked on any of our streets or in the Amenity Center parking lot that are not preregistered with the property manager, or that do not meet the standards as outlined above, will be towed at the owner’s expense and liability.

Use of the Seaside Plantation pool and spa is subject to our Rules and Regulations, as follows:

Pool hours are daily from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., sharp.

Anyone on the pool deck, in the pool, or in the spa at any other times may result in fines, loss of pool/spa access, or legal remedy.  Please note that we have an elaborate camera system that notifies us of anyone entering/remaining on the pool deck after hours.

  • No child under the age of 14 may use the pool without adult supervision.
  • No child under the age of 13 may ever use the spa/hot tub.  Please read and adhere to the precautions listed on the outbuilding/bathhouse.
  • No running
  • No diving
  • No smoking
  • No glass containers
  • No food near the pool or spa/hot tub
  • No animals or pets are ever allowed in the clubhouse, deck, ramp, porch, or pool area
  • Close umbrellas after use
  • Close pool gate securely upon exiting the pool area

The pool area is closed at certain times during the year when cold weather settles in, remaining closed until the spring cleanup and reopening. These dates are flexible as the weather dictates. It is our desire to have the pool open by Easter each year if the weather cooperates. We also ask that you close umbrellas, push chairs back under tables, put away shuffle board implements, make sure any charcoal grill fire, if used, has been fully extinguished, etc., before you leave the pool area. If it appears you might be the last group to leave near the end of the day, please help us by checking the above and policing the deck. We have no hired pool managers that close up at night. We greatly appreciate you assisting us in maintaining our investments. Thank you for your assistance.

  1. House
    1. Exterior intact – no loose or missing items
    2. Free of vines
    3. Clean with no faded or peeling paint, siding, or brick/stone spalling, or dents/perforations in garage door panels
    4. No mold / dirt present including stairs and retaining walls (retaining walls to be kept in good condition)
    5. No mold staining on roof – shingles should be treated with an antimicrobial solution
      1. Metal roof should be power washed and painted if rusting or fading is present
    6. Exterior lighting to be shaded to prevent intrusion across property lines
    7. Gutters and downspouts clean and undamaged
  2. Driveway
    1. No material stored in front of house
      1. (i.e. toy boxes, trashcans, basketball hoops, buckets, landscaping material / equipment, ladders, bicycles, etc.)
    2. Clean – free of mold and dirt
    3. Cracks in concrete 1/16 inch or more must, at a minimum, be caulked. In addition sealing and treated/topcoat resurface to eliminate visible cracks is preferred.
    4. Cracks resulting in settlement of ½ inch or more need to be fixed via grinding / concrete patch or full replacement
  3. Sidewalk
    1. Clean – free of mold and dirt
    2. Cracks in concrete 1/16 inch or more must be caulked
    3. Cracks resulting in settlement of 1/2 inch or more need to be fixed via grinding / concrete patch or full replacement
  4. Grass
    1. Must be irrigated
    2. Properly maintained and mowed
      1. Mowed on a weekly basis, lots every two weeks
      2. No bare spots or weeds; re-sod with approved grass types where needed
  5. Fences and Gates
    1. Shall be continuous with no missing, bent, broken or corroded rails, posts or pickets
  6. Trees
    1. Dead branches/limbs removed
    2. Dead Trees removed and stumps ground down to grade
    3. Branches / limbs hanging over sidewalks must be trimmed up 6 feet
  7. Bushes
    1. Neatly trimmed and not overgrown
    2. Not to overhang sidewalk
  8. Beds
    1. Mulched and free of significant weeds
    2. Neatly trimmed
    3. Free of tree limbs
    4. Tree stumps must be ground out or covered with mulch
    5. No mulch bags / landscaping material visible from public areas
  9. Mailbox / Post / Newspaper Receptacle
    1. Clean – free of mold, dirt and rust
    2. Street numbers to be legible from both sides of post
    3. Plants / hedges must be trimmed to allow numbers to be visible from street
    4. All posts to have Seaside Plantation logo
  10. Exterior components
    1. Including but not limited to utility transformers, telephone/data cable wiring posts, air conditioning condensing units, water softeners and emergency generators, must be screened by a masonry enclosure or landscape shrubs so they are not visible from the street.
  11. Lakefront Properties
    1. Without Seawall – underbrush, grass and other plants must be neatly trimmed on a regular basis to maximum height of 3 feet from water. Trees, in good condition, must be trimmed on a regular basis so branches have a 6 foot clearance from water.
    2. With Seawall – all vegetation growing in front of seawall must be neatly trimmed on a regular basis not to exceed the height of the seawall.

Various social activities are held throughout the year.  Information regarding these socials may be found in the newsletter, the calendar, and communicated via Seaside Plantation’s private email system.

The dates and times for activities such as Bridge, Mah-Jongg, Book Club, Travel Club, Fun Bowling, etc., may be found on the Seaside Plantation calendar.

Seaside Plantation Roll Cart, Recycling, and Yard Waste Collection Schedule:  Trash is collected on Wednesday of each week.  Please call the City of NMB Sanitation Department at (843) 280-5537 with any questions.  On collection day, carts should be placed at the street prior to 7 a.m. and rolled back to the house by 7 p.m.  Please bag all garbage prior to placing in roll cart.  Per the City of NMB, do NOT bag recycling items before placing in recycling cart.  Garbage containers, recycling containers, and yard waste shall not be visible from the street on any day except collection day.